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Netflix Tv Shows

The 10 Best Netflix TV Shows-Don’t Forget to Watch!

Netflix is an American media service provider. It started in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. This has more than 137 million subscribers. Net income of the channel is more than 559 million US dollars. The channel offers original content through an online library. Superheroes, science fictions, horror movies occupy a major place in Hollywood. These movies and TV series have the ability to attract millions of fans. It is true that different channels show amazing stories. But this channel grabs the best out of all to a telecast. Any geek will get addicted to watching TV series with the support of this channel. Hemlock Grove a story on werewolves which was the turning point of the channel. If you are a fan of fantasy, horror, adventure or scientific fictions, then you must subscribe to this channel.

This is about 10 best Netflix TV shows which you should not miss on this amazing channel.

 10 best Netflix Tv Shows

10- “The Haunting of Hill House”-based on Sherley Jackson’s Novel

It is true that Netflix gifts you the best. This is a 10 episode containing TV series. Many people say that “The Haunting of Hill House” is a genius work. This series can bring you adventure, horror and definitely it will make you feel scared.

The Haunting of Hill House

9-Don’t miss “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

It is true that you can remember about Archie comics. It was one of the superb comic story people enjoyed. There, the teenage witch was Sabrina. Riverdales who produced Archie, themselves produced “Chilling Adventurous of Sabrina”. They have two seasons to telecast on Netflix. Season 2 will be released in April 2019.

8-”Lost in space”-A re-imagining of Swiss Family Robinson

We believe that you enjoyed the tale of Swiss Family Robinson in 1960. The story of a family who was trapped on a beautiful island. But “Lost in Space” will give you a far better experience. The family here is in outer space. Netflix will show you the second season by 2019.

Netflix Tv Shows

7-Get Wet with “Wet Hot American Summer”

It is not like the single movie telecasted in 1981. Netflix exchange many events in 2015 to give you a better experience. This has also replaced many new actors. “Wet Hot American” will definitely be able to make a difference in Hollywood.

6-Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

“A Series of Unfortunate Events” is based on Children’s books. There were 13 books in the series. The books were related to Baudelaire children. There are three seasons in this TV series. The third and last season will arrive in 2019.

 10 best Netflix Tv Shows

5-”Altered Crbon” Based on the Novel by Richard K.Morgan

This story shows behavior and development of people in the year 2384. They can upload their consciousness into devices. Then they implant consciousness into other bodies. The whole casts will change in the new series. Kovac is still the main character.

4-Jessica Jones and Daredevil of Marvel

You might remember the blind lawyer on “Daredevil”. You will also remember his super-senses. Jessica Jones created by Melissa Rosenberg also became popular. Charlie Cox is staring at “Daredevil”. The third season will be coming in 2019.
We are sure that Netflix gives you the best.

 10 best Netflix Tv Shows

3-Maniac-Based on Norwegian TV Series

“Maniac” is about two strangers. Patrick Somerville wrote episodes. Cary Joju Fukunaga directed them. Check whether you like the new “Maniac”.

2-Charlie Broker’s Black Mirror

This TV series is co-run by Annabel Jones. He tells a new story in each episode. This is about how technology hurts society. Watch or read the story from best to worst.

 10 best Netflix Tv Shows

1-”Stranger Things” are Waiting for You

“Stranger Things” is one phenom Netflix always looked for. This could add 8.33 million new subscribers for the channel. Season 3 will release in 2019.

These are just only 10 best Netflix TV Shows out of best packs. If you are waiting to enjoy your free time by watching a channel, this is the correct choice. You will see all your imaginations becoming real on this channel. You will be able to feel every experience as real.

Don’t miss the chance of relaxing your mind. Like and subscribe to Netflix before you miss the mesmerizing events!

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