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2018 Apple Keynote- Everything you need to know


Everything Apple announced at their 12th September “Gather Round” event

Quick overview of 2018 iPhone lineup and the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple special event or the keynote was held on 12th September at the Steve Jobs Theater which as located at Apple Park Campus in California. Actually; this was one of the awaiting moments that Apple users were looking for. As scheduled, the tech giant, the Apple Inclusion introduced their 2018 iPhone lineup. So, through making this writing, I would like to discuss the cool 2018 iPhone lineup in detail.


iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max was introduced at the Apple keynote 2018!


For this year iPhone lineup, Apple has included two extra-attractive iPhone models as iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max. The Apple CEO, Tim Cook unveiled the latest iPhone Xs stating as the “by far the most advanced we have ever created”. As a world renowned tech Company, Apple will never get less advanced with the time as their one and only objective is offering the best for their customers.

Why do iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs become so special?


The most prominent feature of the iPhone Xs Max series is its 6.5-inch in size. This is the largest display size Apple offered ever. But, guys, do not forget that it is the display size of the iPhone 8 Plus which was released through the 2017 iPhone lineup.


When considering the glass of these two models, the Company mentioned that they have used the most durable glass ever in a smartphone in the smartphone in the smartphone industry. The glass they have used has a great scratch resistance.


Moreover; these two fantastic iPhone models has the capability of performing extra-faster Face ID feature with the aid of the TrueDepth Camera System which has been especially designed for powering the Face ID. Actually; that is a huge advantageous feature. Isn’t it?


With the idea of offering the chance to achieve the unlimited selfie dreams and photography goals of users, the Company has added the incredible camera feature, breakthrough dual- camera system for the latest iPhone lineup. Actually; this is the most advanced cameras Apple offered by far. The latest camera technology which is used in iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max is really great in its software as well as hardware. If you check out the camera, sooner you will understand that it consists of the popular Smart HDR mode. Consequently; the user has the chance to take a number of exposures and then of course, it is possible to combine them in an intelligent manner in order to achieve extra details in dark area and better highlights. This feature becomes worth in more challenging moments.


Apple released the Watch Series 4!



While introducing the 2018 Apple Watch Series, the Company stated that “Everything about it has been redesigned and re-engineered”. Once you have a close look at the newest Watch Series, you will immediately see that the 2018 edition has major changes in the design. This is such an awaiting change which was appealed by the almost all of the Apple Watch users.


When considering the size of the display, what we can see is that the latest Series has relatively larger display when compared with the former editions. Keep in your mind thoroughly that the case of the Watch Series 4, it is only 2mm than the former editions but it is really thinner.




Though there is a load of facts to mention about the newly-released Apple Watch Series and the iPhone lineup, here I have to keep the full stop for this discussion from this point. I promise you all to bring more and more fantastic information regarding these amazing Apple products through my upcoming posts. Stay tuned!






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