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Best clarifications for the most common myths about Android rooting

Everything you need to know about Android rooting

Best clarifications for the most common myths about Android rooting

As we all know Android operating system is one of the top rated mobile operating system in the world. There are a number of smart mobile device brands which use Android as their operating system. When having a close look at the Android lover’s community, what we can see is that there is a great trend for getting the root access on their mobiles. In the past, Android users were so much afraid of touching this kind of tech aspects. But, the time has changed. The new generation of Android users seems to be that more and more fun-loving and they are ready to go ahead with any risk to achieve the deep extremities of rooting somehow.


Does Android rooting void the warranty of the device?


Voiding of the warranty can be stated as the utmost disadvantage of obtaining the root privileges on any Android mobile device. There is no way to avoid this problem.

There are a number of negative consequences of voiding the warranty. You cannot get the chance of getting the facility of servicing your mobile under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Just keep in your mind firmly that you only lose the software warranty of the handset. Rooting does not make any impact on the hardware of your Android smartphone. Therefore; you can claim for any hardware-related problem anytime while keeping the rooted chapter.


The device is at risk after undergoing through Android rooting!

Simply; rooting removes the security barriers around the system of your mobile. Therefore; there is a great risk of being targeted of malicious software. Always keep in your mind thoroughly that your device is at a great risk. When you decided to go ahead with third-party applications, do not forget to check out the reviews of the application as much as possible.


Moreover; there is a risk of bricking of the device while trying to root it. Always; start the Android rooting process after fulfilling all the requirements. Here, we would like to share a few tips for avoiding any unpleasant episodes of bricking.


  • Charge the smartphone up to the 100% level
  • Check whether the USB cable is in good functioning state.
  • Check out the functioning state of the USB ports of your PC.
  • Install relevant as well as updated USB device drivers on your mobile as the most of the rooting operations are going on through a well-established USB connection which is built between a PC and the Android smartphone.


Rooting reduces the overall performances of the device with the time!


Almost all of the users are willing to increase the performances of their devices after rooting. Simply; we can speed up a handset by installing an appropriate custom ROM on the mobile. But there are evidences that rooted mobiles become pretty much poor in performances with the time.


Depending on these facts, what we can realize is that Android rooting offers a large number of advantages as well as disadvantages. The decision is in your hand.

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