Choose the Best Laptops for 2019-Make Your Life Brighter!

In this New Year, it is perfect if you can choose a matching computer for your personal use. You might look for a simple PC or a gaming one. But, it is important to know information about the PC which suits you better. The laptop market underwent many changes in the past few years. The models which are invented nowadays are lightweight, ultra-portable ability, and scales at fewer amounts. It is true that you are looking for a modern design with more facilities. There are many convertible designs of different touch interfaces. Some of these laptops are double size as tablets and they are with hinges that bend and fold. We know that you are searching for a laptop which offers maximum efficiency. So, the following guidelines will help you to select the best laptops for 2019.

Best Laptops for 2019

A few of the best laptops for 2019

Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch (2018) is only $2,099.99 at Amazon. The processor of this laptop is an Intel Core i9 and this has a powerful desktop. Huawei MateBook X Pro has an aluminum body with great computing power. This version has good audio quality. If you are an editor, you can go to Dell XPS 13 (9380). This costs only $899.99 and Dell gives a rotatable webcam. You can either buy an HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3 for $2,060. This also has a sunny 13.3-inch screen.

Another recommended laptop for 2019 is Lenovo Yoga C930 which may cost $1,289.99 at Amazon. Asus Chromebook C523 has a big 1080p touch screen and is a budget-friendly laptop for $340.00. Razer Blade Stealth (2019) is for $1,399.99 with the ultraportable ability and an excellent predecessor. You can buy an HP Chromebook x2 for $599.99. Microsoft Surface Book 2 is for $1,297.97 and it is fast, versatile, long-lasting and portable. It’s suitable for gaming purpose too. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2018) just $1,299.99 which offers premium features with attracting packages. Another great feature that you can see in this is, it is only wide as a wallet.

Best Laptops for 2019

Recent Changes that Undergo in the Laptop Market – A few facts to Consider When You are Buying a Laptop

Choose a laptop By its size!-Best Laptops for 2019

There is sweet spot size, giant screens, and 12-13 inches’ size laptops. Sweet Spot size is 14- to 15-Inch laptops and are the most popular. These laptops have good features that most of the customers’ desire. They have less weight with small screens. These have extra battery cells and quality internal components too. There are 12- to 13-Inch size laptops and they are ultraportable. They include a full-size keyboard and a nice screen. These laptops serve simple needs like new word processing or surfing the web. Screen Giants are the best 17-Inch laptops with the largest screens. Gaming PCs come under this category. They have a good battery life too.

What are the different types of laptops?

If you have a close look at the laptop market, you will be able to come across through different types of laptops. So, we thought to make a quick overview regarding each and every type with the idea of offering you a great understanding about them.

Hybrid Laptops

These are PCs with 2 in 1 capability composed of touch ability. They can be used as the laptop purpose or for the tablet purpose without facing any trouble. Actually; this makes it more functional and user-friendly. When considering hybrid laptops, there are two major types of laptops are available under this category. A convertible hybrid which transforms from a laptop to tablet is one type. This type is more convenient and easy-to-carry. The second kind is the detachable hybrid. Detachable hybrid laptops are primarily tablets which can dock with an accessory keyboard.

Best Laptops for 2019


Ultra-portable computing means non-compromise laptops with a long-lasting battery. These can work when there is no power outlet available. Moreover; these have fast storage capabilities including solid-state drives (SSD) of 64GB. There are eMMC flash drives which make ultraportables of resuming work after being asleep for days. They are sliver thin ultraportables with mainstream PCs or gaming machines.

Amazingly; they are very thin and light at low cost.

Media and gaming machines are the most demanding type for boys. Most of the boys seem searching for gaming or a media computer most of the times.

Therefore; this information will be great news for them!

Sales for gaming computers increase day by day. These types of PCs require a good discrete graphics card, a high-end processor with high-resolution. Prices of such computers start from $799 and go up to $3,000 or more. These laptops have a high memory capacity and GPUs with enhanced horsepower so that they are ideal for playing games.

Choose the best one!-2019 will be the best year for you!

The world has been developed to an ultimate extent and it seems to be that the technology is pretty much competitive. Therefore, you have to move on to a new laptop with a fresh mind in 2019. Don’t be late to buy the best PC for you. Computer types with exclusive features are waiting for you.

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