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detox your beauty routine

Why it is necessary to Detox Your Beauty Routine?-All you need to know

This is the time of the year we all consider in new starts. No wonder that regardless of age and gender, all of you would like a change in your appearance too. Before thinking about changing your current style, we need to make sure to sweep away all the leftovers from your previous style. By ’leftovers’ I meant all the chemicals you gathered last year. Yes.. you read it just right.. CHEMICALS… These chemicals are harmful to our body and its natural procedure. Detox your beauty routine means the elimination of these toxic chemicals which you use in your beauty care gradually.

Detox Your Beauty Routine

Why should we do a beauty detox?

The main reason for doing a beauty detox is that you need to get rid of the chemicals contained in the beauty products you use

A few examples of harmful chemicals which are used in these products are:

  • Amines
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Mercury
  • Retinoic Acid
  • Formaldehyde
  • DMDM Hydrantoin
  • Synthetic Colors
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Triethanolamine
  • Diethanolamine
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Petroleum & Mineral Oils (Petrochemicals)

There are chemicals in all the beauty products we use. Even though it’s a shampoo,  body lotion, makeup or a toothpaste. And the interesting fact is that our body absorbs these chemicals every time we use them even though we apply it externally. Applying them from outside is no different than eating them since our body absorbs them in no time. Especially, as it is the largest organ in the body, your skin is more likely to absorb these chemicals into the bloodstream and affect your liver. The side effects of toxic chemicals that are contained in beauty products cover a wide scale from allergies to cancers.

If so, why don’t these companies stop using these toxic chemicals? Aren’t they aware that those are harmful?

No. These companies are fully aware of the side effects of these toxic chemicals they use. But they continue to use them just because they are dirt cheap. They hide the fact that they use those chemicals in their products from the consumer using several business tricks. Since these chemicals are used in every beauty product even though it’s designer makeup or a regular toothpaste it’s hard to run away from them. Therefore you get at least a little amount of these toxic chemicals daily even though you are a cosmoholic beauty junkie or a minimalist. So, what should you do? Throw away your favorite body lotion, expensive hair products, and designer makeups and be happy with your ‘natural beauty’.  Oh common! We all know that it is not gonna happen. It is hard to get rid of all your beauty products at once. But we have some options.

Detox Your Beauty Routine

Simple Tips To Detox Your Beauty Routine

  1. Safety First

You need to give priority to safety when you buy beauty products. Don’t get blind-sided by the discounts, mind-blowing advertisements or the pomposity of the product. Pay your attention to the list of ingredients. Many beauty product companies hide the ugly truth behind their product using several business tactics. But as an Intelligent consumer, don’t get caught by their bluff anymore. Go through the ingredients thoroughly before buying a product. It is better if you can gradually switch to natural and organic products.

  1. Only use trusted brands

Here are some green beauty products you can try.

  • Ayuna
  • The Nue Co
  • Kaliks Collective
  • Cleo &
  • Coco
  • Live Botanical
  • Meant
  • Kelia Skincare
  • Kosås
  1. Cut down little by little

Actually ditching beauty products is not an overnight thing. You can start with switching your ‘not-so-close-to-heart’ products with natural products. Then you can use home remedies. You’ll fall in love with nature in no time.

Detox Your Beauty Routine

  1. DIY

Why not try some homemade products instead of bunches of chemicals you buy from stores? Those are cheaper and safe. You just need an extra couple of minutes to make your own deodorant, makeup, lotion, and shampoo. You can find thousands of simple homemade recipes if you go through the internet.

I personally believe that coconut oil is a miraculous ingredient when it comes to home remedies.

  1. Drink water and exercise more

In addition to beauty products, water and exercise are wonderful beauty secrets you should know. Drinking water purifies your body as it speeds up the excretion.

Detox Your Beauty Routine


Finally, focus on your skin(body lotion/face wash/cleanser/deodorant/makeup), hair(shampoo/conditioner/hairspray), nails and teeth when you follow the above steps.

Good Luck on your fresh start!

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