Eurovision 2019-Everything you need to know about!

Eurovision 2019

Eurovision is organized by the European Broadcasting Union, which is the world’s foremost alliance of public service media. It represents 117 member organizations in 56 countries and an additional 34 Associates in Asia, Africa, Australia, and America. It is the world’s biggest and strangest TV event. This is held every May and half of the world tunes into this amazing song contest. The contestants of this amazing event have sung their hearts out and they have been cut down through two semi-finals into a cohort of nations that will battle it out in the grand final.

Eurovision 2019

What is Eurovision 2019?

This is like the Avengers of pop-singing contests where the world’s biggest pop heroes unite to sing fabulously. And also, there will be someone wearing a bejewelled glove.

This was first held in 1956. Eurovision is an annual competition that brings together nations from the European Union. It also brings together honorary countries like Israel and Australia. These countries are brought together to show off their talented local singers, the winners of the B-Grade Ukraine’s Got Talent and the wildly-thrusting saxophone players.

What is special about Eurovision?

Eurovision can be named as the world’s longest-running song contest and is an event treated with sheer reverence across Europe. This year, there are rumours that Madonna will be performing at the show and Will Ferrell is even working on a film about Eurovision for Netflix.

Eurovision 2019

How does Eurovision Work?

Here, each and every country’s act sings a song. This is usually sung live and is normally chosen through that country’s equivalent of American Idol. They compete to win, over two semi-finals and a grand final. They compete against each other for nothing. Furthermore; they will not be awarded a cash price or massive international touring career. The only thing that the winners get in return is the prestige of vaunting over their fellow European nations.

Where will Eurovision be held this year?

Eurovision 2019 is going to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel. The reason to select this country is that this was the country that won last year. And therefore, it has got the honour to host this contest this year. There will be forty-one countries competing across two semifinals this year. The semifinals will be held on May 14 and May 16, and the grand final held on May 18, with the twenty-six best and the weirdest competing against each other.

Eurovision 2019

How is voting done?

Here is the basic rundown. During the semifinals, the countries in each of the two semifinal brackets get to vote on the other contestants in the same bracket. They cannot vote for the entries of the other semifinal group. But during the finals, all the countries can vote.

But there are five permanent members who traditionally qualify automatically to the grand final. The reason for this is because they contribute the most to the European Broadcasting Union, who are the event organizers. Those five permanent members are known as the “Big Five”, and they are, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. The host country, which is also the last year’s winner, also get to vote in one semifinal each and they also get a spot in the grand final.

The points are awarded by the countries in the two pools. Each country has a jury of respected music industry types and their verdict makes up half of that country’s vote. Each and every national jury has the ability to award points to their 10 favourite entrants. The points are ranging from 12 to 1.

The other half of the country’s votes come from the popular votes which are done via televoting, from home. The general public will decide the most popular act, and the top act will be awarded 12 points, and the next given 10 points and then 8 points down to 1, for their remaining picks. These scores will be read in French.

The next important thing here is that countries can’t vote for themselves. They will have to vote for the best act from another country that is participating.

Eurovision 2019

The entrants of Eurovision 2019

There are a number of entrants to this contest and the list of entrants can be easily found on the internet. That’s a long lot of contestants to get across in a short time. Anyways, if you are interested in getting some knowledge about the best contestants, better refer to this list. In case if you are having something cool like a Eurovision party at home, this can be really helpful.

Those were some of the interesting facts about Eurovision that you must know to enjoy the best while watching it.

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