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  • Thanks to Facebook’s ‘Unsend’ feature now you can have 10 minutes to delete a message

Thanks to Facebook’s ‘Unsend’ feature now you can have 10 minutes to delete a message

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook was eager to release new updates and new features frequently in order to attract more visitors.  Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms in the worldwide. Most of the people enjoying it without an age limit. These people’s are trying to introduce this Unsend messages since April 2018. Finally,  they succeeded in introducing this feature to all the Facebook users who are having a messenger that running on iOS. However, it has become a discussing point among all the FB lovers. Is it actually effective for them? What do you really meant by this feature? Is this the first time they try to introduce this feature in the social media platforms? I am hoping to give more details for these burning questions by using below piece of writing.

Facebook Unsend feature

Will this unsent functionality feature actually works?

The actual and simple meaning of this is the possibility of deleting your send messages within ten minutes of the time period. It means you would be able to delete your message once it sends to your friends or relations before passing ten minutes of the period. It will be a good opportunity for you to correct some mistakes in your chats. The developers tried to develop this feature for about six months from April this year and they have tested this on this October.

However, there are a few doubts about the realistic parameters of this feature among the users. If someone sends one of message accidentally, actually they will correct that within this given time period, even within one to two minutes. But, if it is not an accidental one and if you realize your mistake after about eleventh minute of sending the message, there is no way to correct them back. The situation is the same as the current status. Then, it actually questionable about the reality of this feature. We would be able to understand the pros and cons of this new option with practical usage.

Facebook Unsend feature

What will happen to receiver’s notification with this Unsent feature?

This also an unclear fact with this “Unsend” feature of Facebook. Even though we delete the message, if the receiver can see it before ten minutes, there is no point to pay extra effort for deleting it. Hence, it is necessary to receive a clear clarification from Facebook developers for this matter.

Facebook is not the first platform that tried Unsend Messages!

Yes! A number of social media platforms have tried this before for their customers. As an example, Whatsapp introduced Unsend message feature for one hour. Hence, it will be helpful if you research a little about its effectiveness prior to use FB’s feature.

Facebook Unsend feature


The Facebook is the number one social media platform worldwide. Most of the people are love to use it just because of its user-friendly interface. The CEO and other staff of the FB also give their effort to offer amazing features like Undsend messages for their clients. However, with the usage, it will be subjected to many changes by considering positive and negative feedbacks.

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