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Gong sound meditation

Gong sound meditation – Everything you need to know

Gong sound meditation was used in China as far back as the 6th century although ‘gong’ is a Javanese word.

When struck with a beater, a gong vibrates from the center outwards and people who believe in the interests of gong therapy believe the sound waves induce a meditative state and help with healing.

“Our body is a walking musical instrument and every cell in our body is vibrating.
When we play the gong, it vibrates too and creates resonance. Our body is in tune with that sound and this helps us relax,” says Leith James, a sound practitioner at Gong Sound Meditation in Queensland.

“The vibrations from the gong penetrate every cell – they go through blood, bones, the nervous system and brain and they also put you in a state of meditation,” Leith adds that research from the British Academy of Sound Therapy shows that after 20 minutes of listening to these kinds of vibrations, blood pressure may start to drop.

The International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences studied at the effects of music on pulse rate and blood pressure and found a reduction in both after listening to slow music.

“If people find it hard to quieten their mind, the gong can help people relax more and ease stress.”

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