How to See If Facebook’s Photo Bug Exposed your Private Facebook Pics

Facebook is facing another privacy scandal the company says a bug gave access to the photos of nearly 7 million people to 1,500 third-party apps many of Those photos were not shared publicly. Facebook says they will release a developer tool that identifies and deletes the photos.


On Friday, Facebook disclosed that a bug had exposed photos that were uploaded to the social network. The bug was an issue with Facebook’s photo API and granted third-party apps access to photos that they normally wouldn’t have had access to. The bug was only around for around two weeks but impacted 6.8 million people on the service and up to 1,500 apps that were built by 876 developers. If you’re curious if you were one, Facebook has created a page user can go to and see if their pictures were exposed.


Normally, when you give third-party apps permission to access your photos on Facebook, they can only see the images you’ve shared on your timeline. But this photo API bug may have given those developers access to even more of your images, including ones you’ve shared on Marketplace, Facebook Stories, and ones you uploaded to the social network but didn’t end up posting.


Facebook promised to directly notify all potentially impacted users via an alert on the social network. You can also proactively check if your account was affected by visiting this Facebook Help Center link while logged into your Facebook account.


If you were affected, you’ll see a list of apps that “may have had access to your other photos” along with information about what to do.

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