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For those who are after a better health, there are food habits that they must cut off for good of themselves or could be even for their future generations. Your health will always affect your off springs directly or indirectly. Thus precaution is better than cure!

Out of these food types, some are just exceptionally dangerous for your health but yet you crave them. It could either be that you have no option out of it. Perhaps it may be the extreme busy schedules you have or that you are used to, yet there are substitutes that will help you to get out of these bad food habits. Awareness of the nutrition values and the consequences for the body will keep you away from the bad results caused by those foods.

Let’s be specific to what types of food that you MUST avoid to keep your health danger free…!



We all know how bad carbs are for the body… But do we really take an action? As already mentioned it may be due to the habits that we have cultivated within us. It is the most famous saying that “cut out your carbs to lose weight”. This does not mean that carbs are not essential for the body. But there are plenty of available ways that we take carbs to the body, even from a yam, your pasta, bread etc anyway content of carbs. So why take extra? These excess amounts of carbs you get will transform to fat and will stay in your body in a forever bond. Remember it is only the excess amounts that will cause this danger! If not carbs are an energy source to your body. It also aid with the food digestion with their fiber content. You will result in the symptoms like tiredness, headaches or even dizziness for consuming carbs badly. Bad breathing could be one other symptom that on one will want.



Yes there are many nutritional facts of dairy products to your health.  Especially for kids dairy are recommended by the doctors for their health growth, but with the ageing they may even be poisonous to your health and well-being.  Our body gets the necessary nutrition such as protein, calcium, essential fat, vitamin D through dairy products. The same old song, the excess will cause unnecessary health problems to your body. So we have to mindful of the dairy consumptions due to the dangerous consequences. Many types of allegories are also caused by dairy products. It should be also kept in mind that germs are created and spread faster than ever through dairy products. So it is necessary to be extra careful when using it with your meals, especially with your pastas. There were reported instances where even mac and cheese caused diarrhea when they tried to consume it longer period after making.



Another commonly known source, but still we consume to satisfy our sweet tooth. Sugar might be one most dangerous bad habit because it may lead to many diseases. True, it helps the brain to be active and the systems for students works faster with sugar. But at the same time it may also cause dangerous incurable diseases like diabetes which will affect your productivity and long life that you have. Drinking fizzy drinks such as Pepsi, Coca cola are having high amounts of sugar which are unbearable for human body. What happen to your body is that, you will consume them and your liver will have a hit from an excess level of sugar which it cannot be controlled. The problems start then! Have you ever thought of why these fizzy drinks are carbonated and we continuously burb after consumption? The main reasons behind all the causing are sugar! Human body cannot take such an amount of sugar at once to the body and if they are taken directly it will definitely cause stage of unusual vomit, but with this carbonated nature the body will never feel it but within it will fight to keep your body health and fail for sure.

Meet your nutritionist today and know your levels of consumptions according to your body mass index. Get a healthy diet plan to live happily and set an example to your next generations too.


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