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new year resolution ideas for 2019

Mind-numbing new year resolution ideas for 2019

It is a few more days to welcome the new year 2019. All the people worldwide are ready to start their new plans and the former plans which could not be able to complete. The first and important fact is to make a plan of your ideas before stepping into the very first day of the coming year. Hence, take a piece of paper or your diary and start to write your goals one by one. The points should represent health and wellness facts, daily needs, educational targets, economic plans, and lifestyle modifications. If you are planning for future life events such as engagement or wedding, it is better to write those in stepwise bullets by mentioning target time periods. The following guide will help you to identify the commonly used new year resolution ideas for 2019 to get an idea for your statements.

new year resolution ideas for 2019

The 10 best new year resolution ideas for 2019

Expand the time you spend with your partner and the family

This should be your first and important resolution idea in 2019. If you miss your family members within 2018, first of all, make a schedule to increase the time period you spend with them. It is better to plan picnics, parties with your loved ones through the year.

new year resolution ideas for 2019

Increase your income by twenty present of current rates

There should be carrier goals as well as business achievement. Expand your self-business or part-time works to increase the current earning rate at least by twenty present. The percentage may depend upon the individual capabilities, nature of the career or business and personal factors.

new year resolution ideas for 2019

Increase your savings by ten present of your earnings

It is important to give attention to saving your earnings for future works. Plan your earnings and savings at the beginning of the year. Then you will not be stuck when continuing your work schedules.

Keep at least one step forward in your academic life

You may be a bachelor, diploma holder or certificate level personnel. No matter what is the education level you pursue in your life, you have to think of the next step in your life. Upgrading this qualification will help you to increase your earnings as well.

new year resolution ideas for 2019

Achieve next professional level qualifications

Ones you upgrade your academic life, it will be easy to step up in your professional life. This is a way to get social recognition.

Achieve at least one new skills in your daily life

The peoples have different skills in their life. These are helping them to become a highlighted individual within their peer groups. Some of them have abilities to draw, sing and dance. In addition to these, cooking, flowering, counseling and making crafts also known as different skills. Sometimes, there are skills relating to your job. It is important to think of the skills that you are the lack in your life prior to decide to improve it. Then, take actions such as following a course, attending a class or follow the YouTube lessons likewise.

More things to go ahead with these new year resolution ideas for 2019!

Start to think about your personality

Once you sharpen yourself with all of the above-mentioned facts, it is necessary to build up your personality to be a responsible person in this society. Take some time to maintain your figure by following diet and exercises. The posture, skin, had and the clothes are more considerable fact in here. Not only those, but it is also necessary to sharpen your language skills, leadership qualities, and soft skills to become a person with enough personality to pursue other’s respect.

Explore new recreational activities while keeping on current things

The hobbies work better for your life. You can start to write, draw and sing as a recreational activity. If you already doing those, spend some time on yoga, swimming, and meditation to relax your mind and body. There is a list of recreational activities. You can select whatever you love to do in 2019. All those depend on personal factors and desires.

Visit your religious place at least four times a month

Make your plans to opening the chances of visiting the religious places in accordance with your beliefs in the next year.

Spend at least one day per month to help others and social works

Helping others is an art. The people will start to love themselves by spending times on social works. This will help you to expand the self-esteem. Do not be reluctant to spend your money and the time for helpless people.

new year resolution ideas for 2019


Take some time to follow above mentioned new year resolution ideas for 2019 to plan your life in the right way.

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