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New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week-All you need to know

Fashion is one of the most popular fields in the world. If you have a close look at this field, sooner you will realize that there are a vast variety can be seen in this field. The amazing styles and trends in clothing, accessories, footwear designs, lifestyles and body styles including hair, nail, makeup, etc. can be introduced as the various aspects of fashions. People use many ways to introduce new trends and collections to the buyers as well as to the media. The fashion industry uses events, magazines and websites to promote the latest styles.
Globally; there are four most popular events in the fashion industry. Altogether it is named as Big 4. It is the collection of four fashion weeks.

The designers display their newest collections in these weeks in order to attract buyers and visitors. So, through the following post, let us talk about the New York Fashion Week in detail.

What is New York Fashion Week?

As the word sounds, Big 4 is the biggest collection of four fashion weeks. New York Fashion Week is the one of a fantastic week of this Big 4. It is an unbelievable event with elegant styles. Actually; this is usually a semi-annual event. Every year, people wait for to experience it every April and September.

The origin of this amazing event extends up to past seventy-five years period. First, it was introduced in 1943 by Eleanor Lambert. The very first New York Fashion Week was a very successful event and it was known as the Press Week. The annual Fall /Winter Fashion Week was took place in February 2018, with the experience of the series of past fashion weeks in New York and with numerous popular fashion brands.

Just like in the past, people were waiting for welcoming Spring/Summer Fashion Week in this September 2018. It was held on the week in between 6th September to 14th September by pleasing thousands of visitors. All the fashion lovers all around the world participated in this remarkable event in early in the month. At the same time, most people missed it due to fewer updates. However, it was an amazing show with the elegant fashion categories for women, men and bridal etc.

New York Fashion Week-2018 Schedule

There are industry only shows, public shows and also online fashion week in relation to New York Fashion Week. However, people are waiting for knowing more about the New York Fashion Week 2018 tickets for public shows in order to be ready for the next events. The average New York Fashion Week ticket prices vary in accordance to the date that you are going to participate as well as the row of your seats.

For VIP tickets it is about $1200 – $1500 depending on the show date. Seating tickets are varying from $799 – $50 depending on your seat number.

If you are really eager to know more about New York Fashion Week, now you can become an online member of FWO Fashion Week Online. Only you have to do is sign up for a couture-level membership of the Fashion Week by spending just $10. Then; you can keep updated with the newest information including schedule, member-only prizes and articles. Even it will open doors for fantastic member-only events for free of charge.

The Bottom Line

Fashion is not only a style. It is a mind-blowing art. You have to have a creative as well as the artsy mind in order to enjoy all these amazing collections. The Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week 2018 happened in early September. Next awaiting event is the Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week 2019. This piece of writing is for you to refer as an update for upcoming biggest fashion event in February 2019. It is just to arouse your curiosity towards this amazing event. Keep updated day by day in order to participate for this grand event without missing it.

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