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Reasons you should fall in love with Google’s 10th anniversary

Last Tuesday, 9th October was a remarkable day in the history of Google. Google was able to veil off several important mobile devices along with its 10th anniversary. These devices include two versions of smartphones, tablets, smart home hubs and laptops. The entire event was named as Google’s Annual Fall Hardware Event. In here, the few devices were released with the name Pixel. These products are not strange things to the Google community. This is because of the Pixel 2 and its XL version which was released on the previous year. We hope to discuss more on these throughout this writing.

What is the best Pixel product unveiled at Tuesday’s event?

As we emphasized earlier in this description, they were able to release several mobile devices named Pixel at the Tuesday event. These include two smartphones named Pixel 3and Pixel 3 XL. The tablet was named as Pixel Slate and Pixel home Hub was also there. Most of these products are updated extensions of previous devices.

Pixel Slate – Amazing tablets ever!

This advanced device is running with the newest version of Chrome OS. The 48Wh of battery life will give you long-lasting tablet availability without connecting to a charger. After a complete charging process, you can use this Slate for about ten hours of a time period without any hesitation. Other than that; there are so many advanced features including the fingerprint scanner, advanced camera options and efficient speaker etc. However, this device is worthy for about six hundred USD. Further, Google has introduced several other assistive pieces of equipment for this device along with its introduction. These include Pixel keyboard and Pixel Pen drive. You have to spend a considerable amount of US dollars in order to buy these assistive devices too.

Pixel 3 and Pixel XL- Easy gripping pretty smartphone ever!

Google has introduced the advanced versions ofPixel Smartphone by challenging Pixel 2and its parallel and pixel. However, there are no that much of changes as the news sounds. However, there is a noticeable difference in phone material and texture. It allows you to maintain a strong grip to keep it on your hands. Therefore; it will be easy to handle the device anytime. The black, white and variety of pink colors are giving an extra smarter look to these include pixel devices.

According to Peter Prunuske, the product Manager of thesePixel Smartphones, the texture of these devices has developed by using an advanced technique. The size of these tools also supports it to maintain its awesome outer look. ThePixel 3has 5.5-inch display whilePixel 3 XLis having a 6.5-inch display. Other than the texture, this pretty sized screen also helps to reduce fall prevention by providing a strong grip.

The featured Camera effects of Pixel 3 and 3 XL

The most advanced and important feature of these two new smartphones are the advanced camera effects. The Top Shot feature of this camera will select the best quality images automatically. However, if you do not satisfy with that selection, there are options to select your preferred scene. The super Res Zoom feature will take several different photos in a given minute and later it will combine these together in order to create a high-quality photo. Not only that, the Night Sight tool will allow you to create amazing photos with controlled brightness. You can use this effect along with your flasher too.

These effects are not available in older versions of Pixel Smartphones such as Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. However, the developers are going to introduce an update of these modifications for the older versions in near future!

Google is always becoming proud of the front camera effects of the Pixel 3. There are two front cameras in this device. Therefore; it provides wide angle shots. According to the recent information, this camera field is 184% larger than the newly released iPhone Xs. Therefore, this will give you best experience in group selfies and wide area shots.

However; when it comes to the rear camera, we cannot be satisfied. It is only about the 12 MP camera. Since this is a giant version of smartphone, users are expecting to have advanced rear camera experience as well. But, the single rear camera availability has broken down all their expectations on Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

Enjoy free YouTube Music with Pixel 3

Yes! Google is overestimating about the speaker effects of this newly unveiled smartphones. According to the developers, it is having 40% of louder volumes when compared to the previous versions. This is due to the advanced techniques they have used when tuning this device. The tuning was done by a group of Grammy-winning music producers. To admire these sound effects, Google is ready to offer six months free YouTube Music experience for each and every fresher ofPixel 3 and 3 XL.Therefore; you all are invited to buy one of this awesome smartphone to enjoy free music.

In the next few lines, we hope to give more details on price as well as the availability of these Pixel devices.

This section will be an important part for you. The developers are expected to release shipments for pre-ordered devices on 18th of October 2018. The price of Pixel 3is around eight hundred dollars while the pixel 3 XL is about nine hundred dollars. However, these are not expensive ones when compared to its advanced features. Therefore, be hurry to place your pre-order now itself.

Do you dream to buy Pixel 3 for you?

Final words

Finally, you all are welcome to buy an awesome smartphone with these features. Further, there are more advanced features also. I missed them in order to give you more details on the most significant ones. Grab yourPixel 3today and enjoy your whole life with it!

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