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Royal Baby of Harry and Megan

Enter!!! Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor The Royal Baby of Harry and Megan

The long-awaited and much-anticipated birth of the royal baby of Harry and Megan happened nearly. They have at long last put in its appearance on Monday 5th May 2019.  A very happy Prince Harry made the announcement opposite the royal stables of Windsor Castle.  Harry could not but help beam with smiles. He said he was so over the moon and thrilled about the birth of his firstborn son. Harry was very proud of his wife Megan.  Prince Harry made the announcement just after the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh met with their 8th great-grandchild at Windsor Castle.

All the excitement mounted last year when the couple announced that they were both expecting their first baby in the early spring of 2019.  The British public naturally went bonkers at this announcement, any royal event calls for a celebration! This is well known among the British people.


Royal Baby of Harry and Megan

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However, this was going to be a strictly family affair unlike all the fanfare for other royal babies.  Both Harry and Megan felt they wanted their own private space. The” where and when” of the birth was kept in strict royal wraps away from the prying eye of the media and the general public.  It was not known and still not known where exactly the baby was born. There was lots of speculation and hype of the baby being born at home on the grounds of Windsor Castle where their present home is located.

Both Harry and Megan also refrained from going to St.Marys hospital for the birth of the baby. They posed on the steps of the Linden Wing hospital unlike the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who posed with their children when they were first born.  Instead, they both opted out of the photo shoot on the famous steps and even the birth was elsewhere, in a hospital closer to Windsor Castle.

Royal Baby of Harry and Megan

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Enter!!  Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor –Royal Baby of Harry and Megan

..and so, the little bundle of joy, the apple of his father’s eye, wrapped up in a soft white blanket and woolen cap made his debut at St.George’s Hall, Windsor Castle and was first introduced to the media and cameras of the Red Hall, blissfully unaware of the commotion he was creating while he snored away his cares in the arms of his doting father, along with his Mum who happily looked on all smiles.  When asked about the baby’s first day and how she felt, Megan replied, saying: ‘it was magic’, and ‘pretty amazing’ and that she had the two best guys in the world.

While the cameras clicked on and on.  The first pictures of the first royal photo shoot were shared on the couples Instagram account.  This was also where both Harry and Megan had their wedding reception last year which brings tons of sweet memories.  So what better way to show and share their new baby!  To the world.

Royal Baby of Harry and Megan

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Why no Royal title?

Both, Harry and Megan have royal titles and are both very much engaged in royal and public duty.  They have opted out of a title for their firstborn son.  As they want their son and any future children to lead a normal life as possible and with much privacy as they want.  The Queen, however, can always bestow a royal title if she so desires, depending on Harry and Megan’s decision.  So in the future, the little baby could have the title of Earl, Duke or Lord. For now, he will be just known as Master which is what normal little British boys are known as.  Master Archie will be 7th in line to the throne.

Royal Baby of Harry and Megan

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What does his name mean?

Archie means ‘genuine’, ‘bold’, or ‘brave’. Harrison could be’ Harry’ after his father.  Mountbatten and Windsor are the royal household names.  Bookmakers were in a frenzy at the beginning of the announcement when it was known that Megan was expecting a baby. These all bets were on for baby names.  Betting went up to a 100£ for the names of Arthur, Albert, and Alexander famous royal names, Archie and Harrison were, however, unexpected and never expected by the bookmakers!!  So it was a great loss for all bookmakers as regards the names that they came up with.

Master Archie’s grandfather who is on an official visit to Germany has sent his best wishes to the couple Moreover; he has expressed his happiness at the birth of his grandson.  Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Megan’s mother has also expressed their good wishes and hope to see their new nephew and grandson soon.

Both Megan and Harry ended up their photo shoot with thanking everyone for their good wishes. Moreover; they said that it meant so much to them.

We too wish the new family all the Very Best.

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