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Royal baby-Awaiting the Royal Announcement!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their First baby!

Rumors are flying and there is no denying! A Royal baby is on its way to the Royal House of Windsor. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they will be expecting their first baby very soon. No date has been mentioned by the couple or the Royal Palace as yet, though both the Duke and Duchess have said that it will be very soon. So, everyone is in high spirits while the spirits are poured in waiting in anticipation!

Royal baby

All eyes and our ears open for more  Royal titbits!

Here is the first scoop!

Both the young couple Harry and Megan want to keep the birth of their first baby private, and unlike his
older brother the Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton, who had photos taken at the hospital steps,  with their respective children’s’  birth. However,  there will be no hospital photos for Megan and Harry ‘s child. It will be a private family affair whether the Royal baby will be a Prince or Princess is anyone’s guess which is also kept under tight “Royal wraps” until it’s birth. On the other hand; it is also not known where the little baby is to be born. It may be at home in Frogmore House or maybe at a close hospital in Windsor. But, at least we can say that the new baby will be 6th in line to the Throne after his father the Duke of Sussex.
The new Royal baby will celebrate his or her birthday along with other members of the Royal family like the baby’s great grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. The baby’s cousins,  Prince Louise and Princess Charlotte who celebrates her birthday in early May.
Royal baby
Megan Makel is a former American actress who lived in California USA when she met and married into the Royal Household giving up her acting career to become more involved in her Royal duties. The Duke of Sussex is Queen Elizabeth’s second grandson. Harry is also the son of the Prince of Wales and the Late Princess Diana, and younger brother of Prince William. Both Harry and Megan got married at the Windsor Castle last year on the 19 May 2018.

Once the Duchess goes into labor the Palace will make an announcement!

The  Royal announcement will be on the couples Instagram account. It is rumored that the couples Instagram account was opened recently and within six hours they had more than one million followers!
Any wonder then, the announcement will be made on their Instagram account which is a far cry in previous births of babies born into the Royal Household!
Greetings and well wishes have been pouring in from Britain and around the world by many ardent Royal fans.  Megan and Harry are grateful and happy for the thousands of wishes they have received. Not only that but also they have thanked all the people.
Unlike other Royal babies births, the Duke and Duchess have decided to keep the birth a very private affair. They will celebrate their happiness in a private family do and share their joy in public later. Their first photo session will be on the grounds of the Windsor Castle which will be out for the public. The couple will live at their newly renovated Frogmore House at the Windsor Castle.

Why does the Windsor Castle going to be perfect for the Royal baby?

Moreover; the Windsor Castle said to be quite a favorite location for them like this where they got married last year. At the moment they live in a two-roomed residence called the Nottingham House based in Berkshire London. They will soon move to their newly renovated and refurbished house in the 33-acre grounds of Windsor Park to Frogmore Cottage. An ideal countryside home to bring up their first spring born baby. Acres of beautiful land for their first born baby to romp along with their two dogs will complete this beautiful Royal picture once baby Sussex makes his entrance into the Royal Household. This is also just a hop -skip -and jump to visit Great Grandma and have some fun and games and afternoon tea!!!
These days there are lots of souvenirs in the shops in preparation for the new arrival.  It is a normal practice to see souvenir shops decorated with the British flag and souvenirs of all types and kinds on display. There will be parties and people waiting patiently on the pavements closer to Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace when the Royal announcement will be made.

Wrapping Up!

Bettings are on everywhere at guessing whether the Royal baby will be a Prince or Princess while there will also be plenty of Royal names in the making as well.

We wish their Royal Highnesses the Very Best for the future.

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