People started buying smartphones even when they really could not afford it, simply because of the hype and energy around smartphone marketing. It is truly one of the remarkable inventions of technology that is continuously increasing every year. Samsung plays one of the most significant roles in this arena, and their latest invention is predicted with some rumours and whispers that are quite amusing. Samsung Galaxy series is the first mainstream device that came with the compatibility for 5G. In 2018, Samsung started with 5G on S10, Note 10 Plus, Galaxy A90, and Fold. Many of them are variants of 4G series that already exist. That is why; Samsung Galaxy S11 is considered to be the ultimate phone of the century.

Samsung is one of the pioneers in smartphone building. They are one of the first releasers of basic smartphones. When smartphones came to the world, it became a hype that is still existing.

Let us dig up all the Samsung Galaxy S11 Leaks and rumors at a glance!

Samsung Galaxy S11 has many leaks and rumors about its specifications, price, shape, and name. So here we go with the educated guesses and tales of this latest invention.

  • The first leak and rumor are about the name. For now, people are calling it Galaxy S11. But what is still unknown is whether it is S11 or S20. Since it is 2020, there are guesses that S20 would properly resonate the year.
  • Rumors also go around that this can be Samsung’s next phone lineup.
  • We all know that S11 is not going to be only one phone. The next leak is about the number of phones in the S11 series. For now, it is believed that there will be three models of the series; E, Plus, and Pro. There are recent rumors that Samsung will drop its bigger size ‘E’ and replace the three models as Plus, Pro, and Ultra.
  • Talks and whispers are going on about the phone’s screen size. The smallest Galaxy S11 is said to have a 6.2 or 6.4-inch screen. The medium Galaxy S11 is believed to have a 6.7-inch screen size, while the most massive Galaxy S11 screen is about 6.9 inches.

There are more rumors to unveil!

  • S11’s launch date is looking likely to be happening on February 11th, which is still unsure.
  • Are we going to get rounded edges that have become Samsung’s trademark?
  • It looks a lot like a cross between Note 10 and Galaxy S10.
  • The fun part of S11 is the camera. Samsung is flooded with rumors regarding it is intended vast camera array, accompanying four cameras at the back. It is taking a lot of space from the back and is said to be very interesting.
  • Predictions and leaks go about camera size and quality. Here is what we are supposedly looking at; primary camera with 108+megapixels, ultra-wide-angle camera, telephoto ‘periscope’ lens with 5x zoom in, and at least 48 megapixels, time-to-flight sensor, and single punch-hole front-facing camera.

Apart from the main features, S11 is said to have an in-screen fingerprint reader, a 5000 mAh battery, and a 120Hz Amoled display. Everyone is looking forward to the innovative design that is likely to surpass all of Samsung’s models so far. Starting from the name, it is a curious mystery to all Samsung enthusiasts.