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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Moved with a new one -Everything you need to know

Taylor is a famous female singer. This American singer has a mind-blowing voice with excellent singing skills. Actually; she is not just a singer. She is a good songwriter too. There are a number of excellent albums of her. Moreover; she is a young energetic and talented female person. She was born in 1989 and it is about to move into her thirtieth birthday. Taylor is active in the music field as her carrier for about fourteen years since 2004. There are millions of fans for her music albums and tours worldwide. She has won a range of awards by admiring her talents on the artistic field.

Taylor Swift

Actually, she is well aware of the value of the artists. She had worked with several labels within this short period of time. But, she had officially announced about her decision to work as an independent artist recently. However, a few days ago she has moved into a new label with Universal Music Group.

UMG’ comment about Taylor Swift’s agreement

The Universal Music Group (UMG) has proudly announced their agreement with the world famous young singer Taylor Swift. They have warmly welcome Taylor into their music family. This talented young lady has worked with Big Machine Record for about twelve year period. The new move will make a big change in her life as well as in UMG. The CEO of this new label happily says Taylor’s engagement with them for multi-year partnership. They said that the Taylor is a multi-tasking talent and due to that they are happy to make an agreement as such with her. And also they love the vision of Taylor about the artists and to music.

Taylor Swift

The UMG believes her talents on each and every aspect of music. Actually, she is an excellent songwriter. She has attracted so many fans for her musical talents including singing and acting. These multi-talented young individuals are necessary for the current society. The millions of fans are waiting to see her next move with an excellent music creature.

Taylor Swift

The UMG highly appreciated her involvement for artists with their agreement for a multi-album within years. This vision has made her a remarkable music character in the world. Hence, Taylor could be able to exceed her own records through a tour by making a new one.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has broken her own record on tour!

Taylor has made a record on highest grossing domestic tour by a lady a few years back in relation to the 1989 world tour. Her 2018 tour named Reputation Stadium has passed her previous record by making a new legend. It was held in Tokyo in Japan by selling two million domestic tickets. Other than that; Taylor Swift’s involvement with her remarkable skills and talents is admirable during those tours. The next tour of this beautiful lady with a wonderful singing voice will be on 2019 with her new label Universal Music Group. It will be a fantastic experience for her fans.

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