Tesla Cybertruck – All the updated information at a glance

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla is an automobile corporation that specializes in all-electronic vehicles that fit into all ranges of customers. It has the most luxurious sedans and middle-class, affordable vehicles for families. Tesla has many models released since 2003 and has managed to conquer the electric vehicle market massively. Tesla contributes a lot to solar energy and has become a famous contributor in the automobile sector.

Tesla’s latest revolutionary invention is its Cybertruck that has been nominated as the most polarizing electronic automobile to launch in decades. Tesla Cybertruck is a promising vehicle with massive towing capacity and unbelievable acceleration. Moreover, Tesla has focused on building the Cybertruck with specifications to die for, even though the exterior does not look as appealing as one would expect.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck design

There are many opinions about Tesla Cybertruck when it comes to its exterior format. Some people say it looks brutal and rugged, while some say it seems like something that derived out of The Matrix. Either way, Tesla has a body that can withstand challenges. The body is made of unfinished stainless steel and is resistant to corrosion. Cybertruck’s designer Elon Musk who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, claims that it can withstand sledgehammers and small-arms fire too. There is not enough shutter space as most part of the body is covered in stainless steel.

Tesla Cybertruck falls under Model X in Tesla’s productions and is an impressive invention with an origami style. It has gained a massive audience for its pickup and is the most diverging vehicle made so far. This latest Cybertruck created by Elon Musk is a beast of a vehicle with futuristic features (as most people say). There are fantastic features such as 110V and 220 outlets, storage that can be locked, an onboard air compressor, and many more. All of these incredible features are combined inside a stainless steel body. Elon Musk calls it the ‘exoskeleton.’ Tesla worked for months trying to make its exterior look like something out of ‘Blade Runner.’ The entire stainless steel exterior gives the impression of a cyber-feeling starting from the tires.

The public image of Tesla

Many wonder about this invention when it comes to its public demand. Do people dig it? Do people go after purchasing Tesla Cybertruck? It depends on who you are discussing. First off, Cybertruck focuses on a market that drives pickups, and for most of them, an electric pickup is something very new. It is almost unbelievable to comprehend that a pickup truck performs better than a manual truck only by electricity. Crybertruck’s dimensions can be put in-line with the other full-size trucks such as Silverado and F-150.

Enthusiasts are thrilled to experiment with the latest launch of Cybertruck, while others still find it unbelievable. Tesla has announced three models of Cubertruck to be released; Single Motor RWD, Dual Motor RWD, and Tri-Motor AWD.

Tesla Cybertruck
Specifications and price ranges of Tesla Cybertruck

Single Motor RWD

Single Motor RWD is their first model to be released, and it has a top speed of 110 mph. With a payload of 3,500 lbs and a towing capacity of 7,500 lbs Single Motor RWD model prices at $39,900.00.

Dual Motor RWD

Dual Motor RWD has a 100 cubic feet storage space like the other models and has a top speed of 120 mph. It markets at $49,900.00 and has a towing capacity of 10,000 lbs.

Tri-Motor AWD

Tri-Motor AWD is the most advanced model of Tesla Cybertruck. It comes with a top speed of 130 mph and a towing capacity of 14,000 lbs. Tri-Motor AWD picks up in less than 2.9 seconds and prices at $69,900.00 currently.

Launch of Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, designed the Cybertruck to revolutionize the Pickup truck industry with futuristic features. He successfully launches Tesla Cybertruck, the first-ever electric pickup vehicle on 21st November 2019 in Los Angeles Tesla Design Studio. Elon Musk demonstrated the quality and durability of Cybertruck’s materials during the launch by successful pre-show tests. More than 250,000 pre-orders followed the launch from clients with a majority ordering dual motor configuration. Elon has announced to have more configurations of the Cybertruck by 2022.

Tesla Cybertruck

Conclusion: Tesla Cybertruck – the future is here!

The designer of Cybertruck fulfilled his dream of building the futuristic, cyber-like pickup by entering the world with an all-electric pickup truck with many unique features. Even though the market for it seemed very limited, it kept on increasing after the launch. Tesla’s Cybertruck is the epitome of the future of the automobile industry!

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