The dark side of fast foods- All the bizarre truths unveiled !

The dark side of fast foods

Fast food, we are loving it! Who wouldn’t? 

Fast food, the name says it all, the priority is on speed. From babies to grandparents we all love fast food. They are crispy, juicy and easy because there’s zero preparation time required. All we have to do is buy on the way and enjoy on the go. We love that mouth-watering aroma we get when we pass these fast food stalls. Fast food is also a dream come true to all busy wives, mothers and singles. The concept of fast food started in Britain in 1860 with “Fish & Chips” outlets. During the 1950s’ in the USA, they targeted busy commuters, travellers and anyone else who did not have enough time on their hands to take a seat and have a meal. Today it has become a multibillion-dollar business. According to the “Fast food industry analysis 2018” conducted by cost and trend, it has come to a worth of whooping 570billion dollars globally.  

All these fast food vendors, such as McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and etc., use mass-produced, pre-prepared ingredients, such as bagged buns, frozen meat items, prewashed and sliced vegetables and etc. They pay thousands of dollars on their advertising campaigns to show that their ingredients are fresh. But fast food is not all about these famous vendors only. Fast foods are sold in supermarkets too. They are precooked and frozen. All that the consumers have to do is just pop it into a microwave, heat it and eat it. Sometimes you don’t need cutlery even because all of them are provided with the packing. It all sounds very convenient for busy bees such as ourselves. But has any of us ever given a thought to the darker sider of fast food? There are unbalanced nutrition issues, cultural and environmental issues, illegal work ethics, alleged animal cruelty and etc.  

The dark side of fast foods

The body & the mind 

A lot of studies and researches, all around the world during the past few years show that there is indeed an alarming connection between fast food and an increasing number of health issues in humans. Few of these main issues are, being overweight, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. All most all the fast food contains a very high number of calories and fat. Overconsumption of such meals affects our nutrition levels. We, humans, are designed to have a balanced diet. But the fast-food we consume will only make us overweight and the high level of saturated fat in the fast-food will give way to heart diseases. These fast foods are precooked and frozen over a period of time and served on plastic packaging and with plastic cutlery. Due to this the possibility of them to get chemical reactions and for us to become food poisoned is very high. 

Most fast foods are served on plastic and because of that, the plastic usage has increased during the years. This has affected the world environment in a significant way. Our lands and oceans are polluted and the air is poisoned with the burning of plastics. We, humans, are social animals, we always need social interactions to have a happy and positive life. It is part of our wellbeing. The concept of family and friends has come from these basic animal instincts. We always enjoy our mealtimes with family and friends but now due to the habit of fast food, we barely sit together as families and take our meals. This over the years has made a huge impact on the family unit. Our children are so distending from us and we ourselves have become like zombies. We just drive through, buy and eat it and then we repeat.

The dark side of fast foods

The soul that matters the most

This multibillion-dollar industry has maintained its financial status by alleged exploitation of human capital and animal cruelty. It is alleged that they pay poor wages to their workers and make them work long hours without concerning their welfare. And also, the animals are ill-treated too. These are all debatable topics; however, the time has come to us to take everything into consideration. There’s really no such industry as an entirely black or white one. There are grey areas of this huge industry. As consumers, it is up to us to make the correct decisions. If we are more concerned about the health issues, cut on the daily trip to the fast-food stores. Invest a bit of time on our shopping and cooking to get a balanced meal. If you get the craving for fast food do it with your family. Bring the food and enjoy it as a family. 

The dark side of fast foods

Cut down on the usage of plastic. There are a lot of initiatives to bring your own bag, why don’t we extend it to bring your own food and beverage containers. I know it will be a bit of an inconvenience but think about the larger picture. Think about the world that we will be leaving to our children. At the end of the day, all of us want is a happy life. Food plays a huge part in that because it gives us energy and fulfilment. We can achieve all this by being more human. Invest not only money but time also. Build healthy food habits and be environmentally friendly and stand up for what is right. Don’t get fooled by colourful TV commercials or displays. Do not think about this moment, think ahead too. That will bring peace to us that matters the most.  

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