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Top 10 highest paid YouTube stars 2018

YouTube, the biggest video network in the universe is one of the most popular platforms among all people worldwide. There is no any age, racial or social limitation to use it. The resources of this platform are varying from primary education to advanced education like medicine and engineering. Not, only these the funny activities, entertainment, homemade food recipes, handcrafts, and political matters are also there. Actually, there are much more categories that even cannot be mentioned by using just a few lines. It is a multi-language, multiracial free platform to use by each and every individuals. Let’s take a few minutes to look back in 2018 to see the top 10 highest paid YouTube stars 2018. The recent news revealed the below list of YouTubers as highest paid one in it.

Top 10 highest paid YouTube stars 2018

Ryan ToysReview

He is a small kid earning money through YouTube. What he does in here is just reviewing the toys he loved. The way the opening and giving comments is enough to attract visitors to their channel. This is a most popular one among all the toy lovers worldwide. His revenue for 2018 is exceeding $22 million of dollars.

Jake Paul

A little less earning than ToysReview. He has earned nearly twenty-one millions of dollars throughout this year. The young boys are the common fans of his channel.

Dude Perfect

The videos of sporty activities were able to get the higher amount of views for Dude perfect and his group.


This famous gamer is a British citizen.

Top 10 highest paid YouTube stars 2018

He was able to rank the fourth spot of this list by earning 18.5 million dollars within a year.

Jeffree Star

The fifth-placed one is the best selling cosmetic YouTube channel. This is maintained by female YouTuber and she was able to reach around eighteen million dollars by giving information on makeup tips and cosmetics using her makeup tools and eyeshadows. This will be a great motivation for women worldwide.


This is another gaming channel with millions of views for a video. YouTube makes the best gaming Hawaiian videos to attract all the game lovers.

Vanoss Gaming

This is a Canadian YouTube developer. This is also another gaming channel. It has ranked the seventh point in this list by earning around seventeen millions of dollars in 2018.


The YouTube channel was maintained by Ireland YouTuber.


The channel is changed recently from a gaming interface to reaction videos. He earned around $15.5 by using his channel this year.

Logan Paul

The tenth-placed channel has earned around 14.5 million dollars during the whole period of the year.

Top 10 highest paid YouTube stars 2018

Earning through this biggest media platform is an amazing fact for all YouTube lovers. What they sell are their skills on using the camera and their eyes. 2019 will be a wonderful year for all other channel owners to be included in this list of the top 10 highest paid YouTube stars 2018. It is better to follow their success stories to make a unique and winning channel by yourself in the coming year.

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