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Uber’s self-driving cars are back! – What will happen in 2019?

It is a fantastic thing as well as excited thing to hear about the introduction of self-driving cars by Uber again after a period of time. Uber is going to turn a new page on the automobile industry. But, how? Actually; Uber is going to make this change by the second introduction of this robotic technology. There is nothing wrong to use robotics for this technology. That is because it is basically driven by the sensors and artificial brain. This automobile can drive for long with the minimal assistance of a human or without any support. We have heard so far on different types of vehicles in various technologies such as a hybrid. We all are familiar to drive those with the help of a driver or on your own.

Uber's self-driving cars

But, it is a new feeling to go by car without a person in the seat that is reserved for the driver. Actually, it gives somewhat adventure feeling too.

Let us review back on the history of Uber ‘s self-driving cars!

Before, uber getting in touch with the automated technology of the car, there have been a number of researchers regarding these techniques. The studies have begun around the first two decades of the 1900s. However, the first ever robotic car has designed during the 1970s after about sixty fifty years of researches. When we come to recent histories, in 2017 the Audi and the Waymo has tested to auto driving without a human driver. The Audi Company has announced in early 2017 about their testing on the A8 model of cars for this robotic technology. They have planned to drive up to the speed of first sixty kilometers per hour without a driver.

When it considers the history of Uber Company regarding this driverless taxi service, they have started it around three years back in 2015. They have recruited the researchers to conduct studies on the possibilities of those by analyzing the environmental factors and conditions of roads. Ultimately, they were able to launch Uber self-driving car service at the end of 2016. The vehicles equipped with a number of sensors, later technologies and cameras to ensure the passenger service in its maximum secure manner. Over a year, the Uber successfully conducted their driverless taxi service without any major problems. However, all of the sudden in March 2018, this situation has changed.

The bad effect on Uber taxi service regarding the robotic fully automatic car driving was happened due to the unexpected death of a passenger lady. This unfortunate incidence happened in Arizona. The death of this lady called Eline Herzberg changed the standard of Uber self-driving car technology with some legal problems. However, they have started the service back on the streets from this December 2018 onwards.

The story behind Uber self-driving cars back on the roads

According to this massive company, they have started the testing on their automated cars at the moment. They have investigated all the safety measures to provide safe driving for their passengers during these nine months of period. Hence, we can expect an advance taxi experience with a fully automated car within the coming year 2019. However, the company should be responsible to conduct several tests in many ways prior to starting their journeys on the roads. Simply, they have to think twice regarding their technology in order to protect lives on the roads.

Ubers is a widely spread vehicle passenger service

As you know so far, the Uber is a transportation company which belongs to the private sector. It is a side spread company by allowing people to access a taxi easily. It is mainly managing across the website and online application. The millions of users are enjoying their services worldwide. The vehicles in this service include cars, vans, trucks and three wheels depending upon the region and personal usage. Further, as it founded in 2009, now it is a nine years old platform that serving better for all the people.

Uber's self-driving cars

The bottom line

It had become so excited news when hearing about the testing on Uber self-driving cars after a month. This time, they will take all the necessary safeguard precautions and strategies to establish their fully-automated vehicle taxi service around the world. Otherwise, if anything happens again due to any fault in the vehicle, it will become a more serious legal defect for them.

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