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Windows 10 Mobile Support is Ending-Microsoft Towards a New Era

There is good news about the Microsoft Company. Already; they have announced regarding Windows 10 mobile support ending. Microsoft suggests its users move to iOS or Android smartphones. Moreover; Microsoft will quit support for Windows 10 mobile phones in future. When considering Windows 10 Mobile phones, they are also known as Windows Phones. Windows 10 Mobile aimed to give high efficiency mainly when they released Windows Phone for the first time. Other than that; they also offer support for personal computers. These include an extensive same time receiving of content. Actually; it is a new world-wide application platform. In addition; it has numerous positive possibilities in order to support hardware. This allows a single app to run on many Windows 10 devices.

Windows 10 Mobile support

Devices like PCs and mobile phones. It leads to connect devices to an external display. It also uses a similar interface to a PC. Microsoft built tools for developers. They help to easily connect some apps of iOS. There are some features changing according to hardware compatibility. Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones have the ability to upgrade Windows 10 Mobile.

The News is True!-Windows 10 Mobile support will say goodbye soon!

Microsoft recently published a post on their official website. That post was regarding Windows 10 Mobile support ending. website first published this news. This page has mentioned about the new plans of the company.

In accordance with those plans, the Company is going to close down the smartphone platform. There was an announcement for Windows 10 Mobile users which are on the latest version 1709. That announcement has highlighted that those users will not receive new security updates. Moreover; those users will not get non-security hotfixes. At the meantime; the users will stop getting these features by 10th December 2019.

Windows 10 Mobile support

Other than that; they will not receive free assisted support options. In addition; they will not get online technical support updates. Microsoft has further announced about the third-parties. In accordance with the Company announcements, these third-parties or paid support programs will be continued.

But, they will not able to provide any public updates in future. On another hand; there was highlighted news about Windows 10 Mobile version 1703. Following is that news. Devices having this version will only have the support until 11th of June 2019.

Reasons for Windows 10 Mobile support to die

It is true that Windows 10 Mobile Support Ending is going to happen soon. That is due to the good and bad features of this Operating System. Smartphones and tablets running on ARM processors could use this OS. Windows 10 Mobile gave public beta for some Lumia brand smartphones too. But the platform could not achieve any high-level popularity. They could not obtain a considerable market share. But Android or iOS could obtain a high market share. Microsoft started to slow down Windows 10 Mobile in 2017. Not having enough users and developer interest in the platform are some reasons. This is also due to inactive developments. Windows 10 Mobile Support Ending will occur by December 2019.

Windows 10 Mobile support

What will happen after ending support? – What will happen to the customers?

Windows 10 Mobile Support Ending will happen by December 2019. There are many questions about this decision. Many people ask what is going to happen after ending Windows Mobile support.

Here are the answers. A fewer number of features will be continued for three months of the period until March 2020 since December 2019.

Those features include the automatic and manual creation of new device backups for settings. A few services like picture uploads and device restoration through backups include them.

A fewer number of apps too will continue for three months to 10th March 2020. There is something that users should understand. Windows 10 Mobile device itself will not shut down as soon as the support ends. But, you should not continue using this operating system for smartphones. The reason is that it will carry more risks. There will be no more security updates. There will not be any services such as restoration from backups. It is less than one year to decide what to do with Windows Mobile users. Microsoft recommends moving to an Android-powered or iOS-powered device.

Microsoft’s mission statement is just to empower every person. Therefore, they will provide their service continuously for their customers.

A new era is going to begin!-Get ready with Microsoft!

Microsoft Office products are available for both iOS-based and Android-based phones. This makes the company have its presence in smartphones even after a shutting down. People seem thinking that it is wiser to switch to a new device before ending the support. It might be another method for developing by the Microsoft Company.

Windows 10 Mobile support

Most probably; this step will lead the path for the rumoured Surface Phone. Surprisingly; it is in the code name of Andromeda. The most interesting fact regarding this phone is that it is going to be a folding smartphone. It will look like the next stage in mobile evolution for sure.

Famous mobile companies like Samsung and Huawei are ready to release these new device models. So, a lot of exclusive things are going to be released. Actually; it does not matter about what is going to be ended. It matters about what is coming next.

Before winding up, we would like to highlight that you can still count on Microsoft.

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